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INTRODUCTORY COURSES - Zaris® Fashion Rudiments (ZFR)

This course introduces hands-on tailoring and sewing skills. Techniques are taught on how to use manual and automatic sewing machines and general clothing construction skills. The course places emphasis on the practical hands-on skills required to start you off to making clothes.

Course Fee: NGN 70,000

a group of different colored tubes
a group of different colored tubes
INTRODUCTORY COURSES - Zaris® Certified Fashion Associate (ZCFA)

This course provides an introduction to the fashion world and exposes participants to the various areas of fashion and the opportunities therein. The course also places emphasis on inspiring and empowering participants to start off their own fashion businesses by exposing them to entrepreneurship and business skills.

Course Fee: NGN 140,000

woman painting
woman painting
ADVANCE COURSES - Zaris® Certified Fashion Designer (ZCFD)

This course requires that the participant must have been exposed to the Zaris® Certified Fashion Associate course or must already have a prerequisite knowledge of the fundamentals of fashion designing and pattern drafting techniques. Building upon this, the training will provide the participant a broad knowledge of Fashion.

Course Fee: NGN 120,000

a bunch of clothes hanging on a clothes line
a bunch of clothes hanging on a clothes line
ADVANCE COURSES - Zaris® Certified Creative Designer (ZCCD)

This course creates the platform for interested participants to become a Zaris® Certified Creative Designers who can actively setup a Fashion business and also work with a well-established designer as an associate to coordinate activities through the entire clothing production value chain. The training offers two streams:

For beginners *** Course Fee: Six months stream - NGN 380,000;

For experienced Fashion Designers *** Course Fee: Three months stream - NGN 240,000;

assorted-color clothes
assorted-color clothes
ADVANCE COURSES - Zaris® Computer Aided Design (ZCAD)

This course creates the platform for interested participants to learn how to use Computer Aided design tools to bring their fashion ideas to reality. The training offers two streams:

Basic Course - NGN 50,000;

Advance Course - NGN 70,000;

turned on silver iMac on table
turned on silver iMac on table

These courses teach hands-on skills in areas related to making fashion accessories that complement the overall outlook of a dress and run over a few weeks to quickly teach the skills required to produce fashion items.

Fashion Core Courses *** Course Fee: NGN 80,000; Duration: One Month - Fashion Illustration & Pattern Drafting​​

Other Short Courses in Fashion Accessories, Footwear & Jewellery *** Course Fee: NGN 40,000; Duration: 1 Month - Embroidery and Stoning, Soft furnishings & Bag making

pink plastic toy on white table
pink plastic toy on white table


WHAT IS THE TRAINING METHOD? Lots of practical sessions, presentation slides, case studies and discussions

WHO CAN APPLY FOR THE TRAINING? Anyone who is creative and has a strong interest in Fashion designing

DO I NEED TO COME WITH MY TRAINING MATERIALS? All required training materials will be provided except materials which will be used for the project work and some of the Fashion Photography classes.

HOW CAN I REGISTER FOR THE TRAINING? Obtain Registration forms for N5,000.00 (non-refundable) from our office, fill out the form, attach one passport photograph then make fee payments into ZARIS FASHION AND STYLE ACADEMY - GT BANK, Account No. 023-7459-746

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO ENROLL AT ZARIS? Please check details above